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Ariel will  help to remind you that you have creative control over your life experience, and that through your thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, intentions and emotions you are creating your life.


She is highly evolved, and so like all Archangels she will rarely interfere or assist in your life unless you ask. Ariel honors your free will and will leave you to learn your lessons *even the hard way, unless you ask for assistance otherwise.

When you do ask, Archangel Ariel is ready and willing to help in practical, mundane, magical, and miraculous ways. She will help to supercharge your intentions and to align your personal vibration with what you desire to manifest in your life.


Part of this is intention setting, and part of this is the (lioness) courage, strength, and confidence to stand in your power and roar. Sometimes the best possible thing is to get out of your comfort zone, Ariel will help you find the courage to ‘go for it' and to take a leap of faith to manifest your dreams and goals, and to realize the Universe (and the natural world) is conspiring with you in a magical way.

Ariel naturally and constantly radiates Divine love, and presence with Source. Connecting with her is comforting as she offers protection, healing, magic, and Divine love.

Archangel Ariel is quite active now, giving us the courage and strength required to stand in our power, reclaim our full connection with the Divine, and experience a truly joyful, loving, magical life!


ArchAngel Ariel contains essential oil of Sandalwood and Japanese Pink Iris flower essence, which especially supports the lower chakras.

Archangel Ariel

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