Natures Balance in a bottle Balancing sprays are a combination of flower essences and aromatherapy oils. The essence is made from the blossom of the plant. The oil is distilled from the root, stem or flower of the plant. Because we are all energy, if we are under stress or trauma it can cause imbalance in our physical, mental and emotional systems. Nature brings us back into a balanced state for optimal physical and emotional well being. Scientific studies have proven that aromatherapy is a powerful tool that works with the olfactory and limbic system to bring about well being. Flower essences are known to get to the root cause to balance the emotional disharmony from the effects of stress or trauma. They've also proved a cleansing and revitalizing effect from environmental stress on the system. The powerful combination of the aromatherapy and flower essences support raising your vibration and bringing the energy back into harmony. Scientific studies have shown that a higher vibratory rate creates more vibrant health. The sprays are an all-natural solution for people and animals.
• Enhance thinking, situations and circumstances
• Relieve stress, overwhelm, insomnia or out-of-balance state
• Shift thoughts to more positive state
• Cleanse and rebalance stagnant energy in home or office