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"Working with Deborah Werner over the past 4 years has been one of the best gifts I could give myself.

Her sessions are powerful and have helped me to heal and move forward in life with a positive outlook.

I now radiate at a higher energy frequency!

Deborah’s style is gentle and direct.

She has helped me overcome blocks and outdated ways of thinking.

I have to put the work in, but Deborah has been a strong guide each step of the way.

Her flower essences really key in and help continue the work done in my sessions.

Thank you, Deborah, for helping me to become the best version of myself that I can be!"

- Roxanne C.

  Chicago, IL

"I had purchased the Open Doors Balancing Spray toward the end of January, for my friend in Elk Grove Village, IL.

She was in a rather desperate situation and needed to sell her home, which has been on the market since last October.

I believe I made the purchase of the spray on January 27, 2017 and it would have taken a few days to get to her.

Yet, on Wednesday, February 22 (about 3 weeks later!) she called with the exciting news that she had a contract on the house, just a few thousand dollars short of what she was hoping to receive.

She was ecstatic and will be closing on the house in another week!

Another magical story of the tremendous power of flower essences!!!"

- Ruth H.

"I purchased Open Doors last year in the spring,

and increased my transactions to 23 up from 10 the year before and up to 4.5 million in sales!

YES, I do believe that with spraying myself and my homes energizes the environment for success.

Now to get more and share it with my Realtor friends!"

- Sandy Mueller

  Baird and Warner Realty

“I love the Earth Wind and Flowers sprays!

We always have a bottle of Bliss right the by front of our office to make sure we start the day out blissfully!

I’ve loved sharing the sprays with my clients as a unique,

thoughtful and energetically wonderful gift.”

- Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®

  Abundance Activist and Author of the New York Times Bestselling book:

Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves To Turn Your Vision into Reality

"Deborah Werner’s Flower Essence sprays support my personal growth and my ability to help clients transform.

As a holistic divorce lawyer, I help people transition from a marriage that is ending to a new beginning.  

For over 10 years, I provide clients with either “Letting Go”, “Open Heart in Protection”, “Open Doors” or “Peace”,  and found that these sprays helped me get through my divorce and I’m happy to give them the same support!

 During a divorce, many old patterns, old ways of being, and old relationships are being released which can create stress.  Using the sprays reduces the stress and helps people flow into a new future.

On a personal level, I own about 16 different formulas.  

Each morning, as part of my daily routine, I choose a spray to give my soul what it needs for the day.  

Some of my favorites include “Mother Mary,” “Bliss”, “Playful” and “Rainbow”.

There are days when I still need “Letting Go” and other times when I go back to the well and use several different sprays throughout the day.  

I am so grateful to Deborah and the whole team at Earth Wind and Flowers for making these valuable gems available!"

- Theresa Beran Kulat

  author “Stress-Free Divorce” and CEO of Trinity Collaboration, Inc.

"We completed the process of testing "Rainbow Flower" essence spray by Earth Wind and Flowers.  

Patients were required to take an energy examination via the AcuGraph.

After completion of the test, the computer software established a pattern and notes were generated regarding the patient's actual condition.  

The body was then sprayed with Rainbow Essence.

After seven minutes, a retest was performed on the same acupuncture points.  

A comparison was drawn and reviewed via the AcuGraph software.  

Results were astonishing!!  

The patient's energy improved by greater than 50% and in some cases, as high as 80%.

For therapists who use the AcuGraph, it helps eliminate any question regarding the channels that require the most attention.  For example: a patient experiencing a form of tendonitis, displayed 8 of 12 channels where the energy was either too high or too low.  After the spray and waiting the seven minute duration, all channels were in balance excluding the Lung and Gall Bladder channels (10 of 12).  

This is important for practitioners as the Gall Bladder (same-ashii), Lung and Pericardium (opposite) channels are treated for discrepancies with tendon like conditions such as tennis elbow."

- Rick J. Colmer, Ph.D., L.Ac.

  Contemporary Acupuncture

“I have found Rainbow Chakra Essence by Deborah Werner, to be a wonderful uncloaking device. When a patient is blocked, guarded or switched, a spray over the patient will uncover the priorities that need to be worked on. A great non-invasive way to create clarity.”

- Dr. Pieter Van Huehl

  Integrated Holistic Healthcare

“The Rainbow Chakra Spray was made in the direct presence of the rainbow.

As light comes through droplets of water suspended in air we can see how white light, the union of all colors,

is individuated into the array of color.

Our soul must know we are in union with all and that we are an individual at the same time.

The rainbow restores us to this state of being. I use the spray often.”

- Barbara Fleming

  MA, Founder, The Fleming Center

"Deborah creates soulful, energetic sprays that help with healing and smell incredible!

Fairy Magic is my special spray! I have been a fan of Earth Wind and Flowers for years, and Fairy Magic is my daily go-to.

I use it in the car, in the house, on my bed, on my clothes, and often as a perfume.

I just recently brought a bottle of Fairy Magic to my friend in the hospital.

We sprayed it all over the room, and he and his wife thanked me for its powerful healing energy.

I give it away every Christmas to all my friends, who enjoy it as much as I do.

Earth Wind and Flowers provides a truly beautiful spray experience!"

 - Stephanie RogersI

"After using Open Doors, I sold my house in one week and walked away with the profit that I had hoped for!!!  

I am now happily spending that on my new house. Best thing that's happened to me since my divorce!

I'm starting anew and planning my spring garden."

- Dr. Gina C

  New York, NY

"It’s been a pleasure working with Deborah’s flower essences.

My patients truly love them.

The muscle testing confirms what each patient needs and it’s been a wonderful asset to add to my practice over the years.

I’m very grateful for such powerful healing essences!"

- Dr. Virginia M. Arnold


"I met Debbie when my unleashed dog bolted across the park and drank from her crystal bowl filled with flower essence.

Our friendship bonded over our love of the energy and healing powers of flowers.

Over the years I have become a huge fan of her products.

She has recommended many different sprays as my life has unfolded.

I have even had the privilege of watching her incredibly spiritual process of creating her powerful essences.

She is a true healer."

- Lisa G.

  Scottsdale, AZ

"Speaking with Deborah one day, I told her I would like to bring my 12 year old son in for a session with her to find out if there was a spray that would help him with focus and ongoing processing issues – he’s always been a good student; however, his math grade had been slipping to the C range.  As I was explaining this to Deborah, she said she was intuitively getting that he needed the ‘Creativity’ spray which I immediately purchased - on a Saturday.

Thursday of the following week and after using the spray on him maybe 3 times, Jack came home from school saying he got a 94% on his math test – previous tests he hadn’t been able to complete in the time allotted.  He also got an A on the biggest 7th grade test of the year (Constitution).  We both thought that test was the following day so he hadn’t studied the night before.

I was blown away watching this unfold!!!  It’s one thing to intuitively know this product is going to have benefits, but to see it happen so quickly is a thing of true joy and beauty!

Initially, Jack was more than a little unsure about why I was spraying him.  He was afraid he was going to smell, he caught me spraying him in his bed when I thought he was asleep and was getting truly creeped out.  About two weeks in, he is not only granting his permission to use the spray on him, he reminds me in the morning before he gets on the bus if I forget.  It is clear to me that Jack understands and feels the benefits of ‘Creativity’.  He has even asked me to spray him in the middle of an assignment when he couldn’t focus or sit still.

Since I began using the spray, his grades on assignments and tests have dramatically improved.  He is also able to complete quizzes and tests which demonstrates to me that his testing anxiety has been greatly reduced.

The greatest benefit that I see from the use of the spray is that he is no longer coming to my husband and I for help on his homework – in the past, Dave has helped him with math.  I have not only edited his writing, but he would often want me to type what he had to say.  I recently asked him if he would like me to edit his lab report that was due.  He said, “No, I want to receive the grade I earn on the project.  I mean you aren’t going to be able to come to college with me.”  As a guide to this amazingly smart and sensitive boy, the Peace of Mind this HUGE step toward independence gives me is priceless!  

I am blown away by Deborah’s amazing product line and her ability to intuitively know what is needed for each situation.  I can’t wait to receive the wonderful sprays I’ve ordered for myself, daughter and dog!!!"

- Lisa H.

"I have known Debbie since the beginning of her interest in flower essences.  Debbie is deeply spiritual and intuitive. She prepares her essences with prayer and meticulous care. I have used her essences personally and in my clinical practice. I am always pleased with the calmness and nurturing I feel after taking them!"


- Antoinette Saunders PhD

  Clinical Psychologist , Spiritual Director

"I was a very shy kid my freshman and sophomore years of high school, with only a friend or two.

Upon meeting Debbie, she immediately used her amazing intuition and told me to try her Violet essence.

Within 30 days, I felt myself being more confident and outgoing.

I started talking to classmates and became involved in Science and Math club.

I made friends, who are still there as we are all turning 30!"


- Alex G.

"At my shop, Evolve, we have had many customers that have had the pleasure to experience Deborah and her Earth, Wind & Flowers sprays in person. Deborah appears in our shop once a month, allowing our customers to experience the wonderful energy of her flower essence sprays. We have had many customers come back time and time again for her product! She has a fine tuned ability to help the individual connect with the sprays that are perfect for what they need.

One of my personal favorites is her Mother Mary Spray.  I always feel like I’ve entered the garden of Eden, when I experience Mother Mary. My spirit is always elevated!

We recently have been using Open Doors Spray in our shop, when things feel like they are becoming unusually slow. It switches the energy around every time! We will have customers pouring in minutes after spraying!"


- Don Wells

  Owner of Evolve For Inner Peace, Inc.

"Debbie Werner's flower essence sprays are powerful, beautiful and very high vibrational essences! I've used them many times to clear spaces before events, and shift energies for myself and others with dramatic and immediate results!"


- Mariah M.

"Ten years ago, I was going through a divorce and needed to sell our house quickly. I heard about the "Open Door" essence in a rather serendipitous way and was intuitively prompted to purchase it. Our house was put on the market mid-May of 2007. Each time we had a showing, I sprayed the scent throughout and set an intention for the sale of our house, regarding the highest good of all concerned. Five weeks later, we had a contract on the house with an offer for exactly what we had hoped to receive. Remarkably, the family moving into our home replicated our own...Mom, Dad and 2 kids (a boy and a girl) who were the same age spread as our son and daughter. Since it was a corporate move, the company they worked for had already bought their home in CA. Thus, there was no wait time and they were paying cash, so we closed within 4 weeks! What was even more notable was the comment of the new owner...She said "I love the way your house feels."

Over the years I have offered the spray to family and friends who were having trouble selling their properties. One friend had her house on the market over a year, but finally sold within a couple months, once she used "Open Doors."

This spray is miraculous!

Thank you Deborah and all the angels who have inspired you to create such a wonderful product!"

- Ruth Holt

"Deborah Werner’s Balancing Sprays are bottled magic!! I have a shelf full of every variety and I have given them as gifts, brought them on trips, and used them at home. The energy that they provide can at times feel like an "instant Zen" and at other times gently infuse the room and it's inhabitants with whatever energies the particular essence is about. For instance, I always fill a bowl with Open Heart in Protection Balancing Spray  when my in-laws come to visit, as we have family issues that always come up.

I just pop a few flower petals in the bowl and call it a centerpiece, while allowing the Essence to work it's magic as it evaporates into the room.  Everything now goes smoothly, and it is actually a pleasant experience!

  My daughter and her roommate in college had some frightening experiences with spirit activity in their dorms. I sent them a bottle of Rainbow Essence to spray all around which cleared out any and all negative spirits. Then they sprayed some "Mother Mary" which filled in their clean and cleared room with love and grace. The girls were ecstatic when weeks later there was still a great feeling in their room and the spirit activity had never returned.

I will always recommend Earth Wind & Flowers essence sprays over all other brands. Deborah is one of those individuals who is genuinely gifted & has a deep desire to share her gifts with others.

- Kathleen Lindgren

"Anxiety medication thrown out before I even received my Sprays!

When I came to my session with Deborah, I truly didn’t know what to expect….Flower Essences…what are they?  More importantly, how can they help me? I was amazed and truly excited from my time with Deborah!  

Deborah is highly intuitive and honed in on what it is I most needed.  She intuitively selected for me 6 Sprays which she would send to me, telling me that she would remotely Spray me until I received my package from her.

A few days had passed and I felt amazing, the crippling anxiety that had been with me for the past 20 odd years seemed to have magically lifted!  This was curious to me as we hadn’t spoken of anxiety in our session.  So I reached out to Deborah asking her if what she was remotely spraying me with was focusing on anxiety at all…she said YES!  

This was truly amazing to me, Deborah’s innate ability and her intuition knew exactly what it was I needed and she chose a Flower Essence that would help with my anxiety!

Well she was spot on!  It not only “helped” my anxiety…my anxiety literally left! 

I stopped my medication cold turkey!  I was on cipralex and if you’re not careful weening yourself of this medication the side effects can be huge…believe me, I’ve tried this once before and it was terrible!  Somehow though, I knew my body would be ok and it was.  

I can’t say enough about the Magical effects Deborah and her Flower Essences have had on me and my life.  Not only am I now living free from anxiety that has crippled me for the past 20 odd years, amazing opportunities are coming my way!

If there’s something holding you back in life, anything!  I strongly suggest you reach out to Deborah and allow both her and her Flower Essences to transform your life! Thank you Deborah from the bottom of my heart."


- Lexie Rogers

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