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Contains one 4oz. bottle of Rainbow Chakra and one 4oz. bottle of Loving Protection.

First, cleanse your energy and space with the pure essence of the Rainbow! 

Nourish and harmonize your Chakras to bring in more light for inner radiance! Feel your place of belonging and true essence!

Then fill in the gaps that stress and trauma can create in your energy field with Loving Protection. Pink Yarrow flower essence is a natural energetic support for nurses, massage therapists, teachers, intuitive, sensitive children and those who work in close proximity with others. Lovingly blended with Rose Geranium essential oil, mist generously over your body and in your space to  strengthen the boundaries between yourself and others, including EMF's, cell phones, and computer energies.

A very refined, vibrational support from natural flower and environmental essences, therapeutic grade essential oils work synergistically to raise your vibration and strengthen your energy field.Use as an aura mist, room spray or in the bath to cleanse, nourish and protect your energy. Quickly uplift your mood from low energy states to a higher, harmonious state of being!These remedies are a magical and powerful gift from nature!Spray generously over your head and allow mist to settle. Mist your room or space up to 4 times per day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Lovingly prepared by Earth Wind and Flowers

Clearing and Protection Collection 4oz

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