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Mother Mary:
Mother Mary blessed this essence with her compassion and unconditional love. Mist generously over your aura to strengthen your connection with Heaven and Earth. Great to use for families, just mist the home to create a loving and nurturing environment. Mother Mary teaches us to "fill our cup first" with self care before caring for others to truly give. Mist your feet and she will help you to "stay on the path". These are her words while making this one of a kind essence. 



Deborah, I just have to let you know my wife's favorite product is your Mother Mary spray!  And she can have any product, so I really wanted you to know how much Madisyn loves it! 

Scott Blum 

 bestselling author and  co-founder of 


(Madisyn Taylor, founder, Daily Om, Hay House author)




Deborah I’ve been meaning to thank you for your wonderful sprays!

The small sprays arrived the day before I left on my road trip and were perfect for travel size. I worked with a woman fighting cancer in a Reiki session and the Angels said use “Mother Mary spray now!”

Was pretty awesome

Love u bunches 

And thank you

Debbie Johnson

Mother Mary

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