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Nature's RX for RN's

2 oz sizes includes vinyl travel bag


Therapeutic grade essential oils and flower essences supports daily self care for Nursing Professionals.


Take charge of your energy with these 5 Balancing sprays, specially picked to support you in the hospital environment.


Strengthen, protect and clear your energy field when working in close proximity to others. Nature's essential tools for physicians, massage therapists, caretakers, and front liners.


Cleanse- Clear your energy between patients and before bed with White Pond Lily flower essence and lemon essential oil.


Protect- White Yarrow flower essence and Geranium essential oil supports to strengthen your energy field. Use in the AM for all day protection.


Power Up- Naturally support your immune system with a healing blend of Clary Sage, Rosemary and Juniper essential oils.


Serenity Now- Red clover flower essence supports to feel safe, grounded and in charge of your emotions.


Sweet Dreams- Iris flower essence and lavender essential oil support a deep and restful sleep.

Nature's RX for RN's

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