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Rose Geranium essential oil and a powerful combination of flower and environmental essences, works to strengthen all of the chakras. Once the chakras are in harmony, the attractor field is magnified. Use to connect with the support you need in any area of life, especially when selling a home, increasing customer base in business, or opening a new business and attracting investors.
This ultimately brings more prosperity into your life!

Open Doors has been featured in Biz Journal and Revitalize TV.
* Assists in opening a way where there are seemingly none.
* To help any area of your life.

After using Open Doors, I sold my house in one week! In October of 2008, during the very worst housing market in
more than half a century, I closed (despite the banking crisis) and walked away with the prot that I had hoped for. I
am now happily spending that on my new house. Best thing that's happened to me since my divorce! I'm starting a new and planning my spring garden.

Gina C, NY, NY


Hello Debbie,
Jay and  I just received the honor of being in the top 2% of Realtors in the country, as members of the Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Circle Gold.
We specialize in selling in the Geneva Lakes Area, Chicagoland and Southwest Florida.
We recently bought your Earth Wind & Flowers Open Doors and sprayed all the rooms of our brand new listing. We were feeling confident that it would perform as it says it does by revitalizing the space and bringing in new energy to the home. 
Well, guess what? We sold the home the very next day for a record breaking price!!!  We love the smell and are believers that it works in getting a home sold quickly! 
Thank you for introducing us to your amazing product!
Izetta & Jay 
Izetta Carroll - Realtor/Broker
The Carroll Group
Connecting Service from City of Chicago to Suburbs
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman’s Circle Gold 2015, 2018
Top Producer 2013-2019



I purchased Open Doors/Prosperity/Selling Your Home spray last year in the spring, and I increased my transactions to 23 up from 10 the year before and up to 4.5 million in sales!  YES  I do believe that with spraying myself and my homes energizes the environment for success.  Now to get more and share it with my Realtor friends.  Call me because we chatted recently to get a discount on a case or two of open doors.!!  
Sandy Mueller



I was immediately drawn to the Open Doors Prosperity spray. It's so high vibrational! I'm teaching a class and my intuition gave me a number of people to expect and I reached that number of registrations. After spraying myself and my office, an additional 10 people signed up for the class so far. It works and it works fast! 

Vera Mirna
Energy Healer
Transformational Protocol



Dearest Debrorah, 

I’m so beyond words grateful for your work 

I’ve been working on my abundance for so many years . Something has fundamentally changed from your etheric  spray that has removed a block that has been persistent for years !!! I have a Peace around money and abundance again !!! I’m thriving in these turbulent times and it’s showing up without force and extreme effort !! 

How may I please continue to receive the sprays ? 

I’m in Australia at present , do you offer a way for me to pay you ? For distant work and or the physical spray 

May your generosity be returned infinitely to you 🥳 

With infinite gratitude and Blessings 

Alison Wright

Open Doors

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