Rose Geranium essential oil and a powerful combination of flower and environmental essences, works to strengthen all of the chakras. Once the chakras are in harmony, the attractor field is magnified. Use to connect with the support you need in any area of life, especially when selling a home, increasing customer base in business, or opening a new business and attracting investors.
This ultimately brings more prosperity into your life!
Open Doors has been featured in Biz Journal and Revitalize TV.
* Assists in opening a way where there are seemingly none.
* To help any area of your life.

After using Open Doors, I sold my house in one week! In October of 2008, during the very worst housing market in
more than half a century, I closed (despite the banking crisis) and walked away with the prot that I had hoped for. I
am now happily spending that on my new house. Best thing that's happened to me since my divorce! I'm starting
anew and planning my spring garden.
Gina C, NY, NY

Open Doors

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