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Peace is an inner sense of well-being. The white rose is a symbol of world peace and love. Rose has the highest vibration and the frequency of love. Peace Balancing Spray contains Rose Otto essential oil and Rose flower essence. Mist over your body and in your environment when feeling fearful, anxious, or scattered. Allow the pure vibrations to soothe and strengthen your energy to a renewed state of inner well-being.
* Restores the emotions to a state of peace and calm.
* Strengthens physical grounding to re-balance the energy.
* Shift from fear, panic to calm and soothe the emotions.
* Affirmation for world peace: Let there be peace on earth, let it begin with me. The peace that was meant to be. Be peace. Let it be so.
A David Bowie/Bing Crosby song of Peace inspired our spray!


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