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Rainbow Balancing Spray:

* Cleanse and nourish your energy with the pure essence of the Rainbow! 

* Shine your inner and outer radiance! Look and feel younger.

* Naturally youthifying.

Contents: Infusion of the Double Rainbow, created by Deborah Werner and her daughter, Lindsey.


Use as a body mist, room spray or in the bath to cleanse your aura and space.  Quickly uplift your mood from low energy states to a higher, harmonious state of being!

These remedies are a magical and powerful gift from nature. 

Spray generously over your head and allow mist to settle., whenever you want to feel super clean and refreshed.

Lovingly prepared by Earth Wind and Flowers, a woman owned business since 1997.



Deborah's sprays are absolutely amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone desiring a balanced and clear space. She used her Rainbow Chakra spray on my husband during a session and his energy and mood changed instantly. I was speechless!!!

Chameice Daniel

Quantum Alchemist



“I have found this essence to be a wonderful uncloaking device. When a
patient is blocked, guarded or switched, a spray over the patient will
uncover the priorities that need to be worked on. A great non-invasive
way to create clarity.”
Dr. Pieter Van Huehl
Integrated Holistic Healthcare



“The Rainbow Chakra Spray was made in the direct presence of the
rainbow. As light comes through drop lets of water suspended in air we
can see how white light, the union of all colors, is individuated into the
array of color. Our soul must know we are in union with all and that we
are an individual at the same time. The rainbow restores us to this state
of being. I use the spray often.”
Barbara Fleming
MA, Founder, The Fleming Center



“As the embodiment of all color, created through the refraction of
light in moisture suspended in the sky, the rainbow speaks to us of
miracle, possibility, creativity, and life. The experience of Deborah
Werner’s Rainbow Chakra Balancing Spray supports the marriage
of the colors of the rainbow with the correlative chakras in the
individual, allowing you to focus on the voice of the rainbow as
expressed in your unique energy field. Drawing balance into your
energy field opens the creative energy channels granting access to
the field of all possibilities that are present in you.”
Dawn Nahf
Executive Director Non-Profit Waukegan, IL​​​​​​​

Rainbow Chakra

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