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Yesterday I attended a fair and my friend. Was selling orginite and I sprayed the. Table with Rainbow and she sold more than ever before! Thank you for these mists! What a fun day!

- Linda Lackas


Thank you for the clearing for EMF’s. I felt the dense energies this morning. Feeling much lighter now 🙂🌈✨🌺 thank you Deborah ❤️

- Nina Lindley


Thank you for today’s misting🙏🏻

Having a radiant day - someone told me that I’m glowing.

I’m putting the drops under my tongue twice daily.

- Tessa Groener


I just want to share that I started taking the rainbow chakra drops yesterday as instructed and am experiencing profound shifts already! 

I have been working with many different flower essences for years but have never felt anything as powerful as these. 

I feel happy suddenly and full of hope. 

I’m feeling limitless and elated. 

I won’t go into it too much but I have been struggling for years now with serious health issues & all that has involved ( long stints in hospital, toxic meds, isolation ect ) & have felt stuck in a gloomy place not seeing a way out or forward - it literally has all lifted since taking the drops yesterday! 

I can feel my light shining very brightly suddenly and a veil of uncertainty has lifted. 

I cannot say Thankyou & express my gratitude enough to Deborah and the rainbow blessings - this is such high vibrational healing ❤️‍🩹 

🌈 🙏🏽🙌🌟🌈

- Emma Louise


Love the rainbow drops they are keeping me centered on this challenging day

- Linda Lackas

Rainbow Spray and Rainbow drops (Reg. price $224)

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