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Deborah's Powerful Essences have

Watch Darius Wife, Cherrie Shifted in 7 Minutes :)

Listen to how Eram got a contract and move-in within 24 hours (of Deborah misting her) on her house in Dallas which had been on the market since October 2019!! Within 24 hours she had not one but THREE full price offers with one ready to move in within 24 hours!

Eram Testimonial
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Look at What This Expert Has to Say!!

Results of Dr. Rick Colmer's PhD. study describes how Deborah's Rainbow spray works to open the meridians. Once the meridians are open, it allows the body to heal. Chinese medicine speaks of this, and acupuncturists understand it well.

We completed the process of testing "Rainbow Flower" essence spray by Earth Wind and Flowers.

Patients were required to take an energy examination via the AcuGraph. After completion of the test, the computer software established a pattern and notes were generated regarding the patient's actual condition. The body was then sprayed with Rainbow Essence. After seven minutes, a retest was performed on the same acupuncture points. A comparison was drawn and reviewed via the AcuGraph software.

Results were astonishing!! The patient's energy improved by greater than 50% and in some cases, as high as 80%.

— Dr. Rick Colmer, PhD., L.Ac., Contemporary Acupuncture

Screenshot 2022-05-23 142923.png

This is after misting Deborah's Spray. The testing was within 7 minutes. It was astounding that the meridians were clear and in the highest state for optimal health.

I Increased My Transactions to 23 Up from 10 the Year Before and Up to 4.5 Million in Sales!
I purchased Open Doors/Prosperity/Selling Your Home spray last year in the spring, and I increased my transactions to 23 up from 10 the year before and up to 4.5 million in sales!

I do believe that spraying myself and my homes energizes the environment for success. I'm in an office of 22 realtors and was the only one to increase sales.
I won a top award and a luxury vacation for my husband and I! Now to get more and share it with my Realtor friends. Let me know how to purchase by the case please!

My Cash Flow Has Increased and I Have More Money in My Bank Account!
I have been using Deborah' s magical bottles since Spring 2020 and these flower essences literally changed my life in many ways. I'm also a member of the In the Garden of Prosperity Facebook Private group since the beginning, which is part of my Prosperity Package.
I am receiving lots of love and support from Deborah, every day, like all the other members of the group. I am not procrastinating to do my tasks at work, and I do things done faster and easier.
My cash flow has increased since I began to use the sprays, with the remote mistings, and I have more money in my bank account.
Deborah is an amazing person, and she takes care of each client with love, compassion, and generosity. She sprays everyone on every day of the week, as a group and in addition, she responds to individual requests on a daily basis within the group, and everyone benefits. Being a member of her Facebook garden group is a real blessing. Thank you, Deborah, for everything you have done both for me and my kids! Much love.


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